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2014-05-20 12:20:11 by SteveRoberts

Hey guys! It's been a good 5 years since I've been an active poster on Newgrounds! In fact, the last video I posted was the animation intro to "Eternal Tale," an anime series I planned to create (and would still like to create in some form if I ever get the chance!)
A lots changed since then! I finished sixth form with good grades, and went to college for a year to do a foundation course in art, because I wasn't sure about studying at university yet. However, ended up having to apply to uni pretty soon into college anyway, so I ended up applying and being accepted to DeMontfort university to do an animation course.
My uni course took me a different way than i expected, as I was initially hoping to continue with 2D animation, yet the course predominantly focused on 3D software like autodesk maya. As a result, in the last 3 years, my style has developed, and while I still draw anime on occasion, my style has become much more cartoony and fitted to 3D adaptation. I've also done a lot of walking dead fanart... because I'm obsessed. May do a giant gallery dump of my art on here at some point too!
Anyways, my final year at uni had me focusing on what I wanted to do, and so for my final project, I decided to create an animated short; from the initial concepts all the way through to the final piece, to demonstrate my skillset. With my final project, "Greener Grass" finished, seemed like a good reason to return with some new work to post!
Anyways, sorry to bore you with that! Hopefully post some cool stuff (most likely art over animation) in the coming weeks!
You can find my newer work, including concept art for "Greener Grass," as well as more "Eternal Tale" art on my deviantart page: www.SchteeveRoberts.deviantart.com
And my facebook page: www.facebook.com/SchteeveRobertsillustration


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2014-05-20 13:55:01

Oh hey I used to be active on Newgrounds too, doing 2d stuff (mainly madness stuff I know original) then I stopped and focused on life a bit. I think it's cool you remembered the place and came back. I came back and started a different account for obvious reasons, but I did check back up on NG every once in a while to see what the front page had in store. Seems like the days of Jonny Utah, Mindchamber, Egoraptor TheSwain etc.. are behind us or on YouTube. About the college though I figured that they wouldn't spend much time on 2dbased on the course descriptions, which is sad because 3d isn't the most practical or preferable type of animation for a lot of things. Yeah, just wanted to say it was cool to see someone else kind of doing the same thing, leaving and coming back new and improved. I'm just starting college now, but for programming instead of animation... but I will get my first project uploaded with my "new and improved" touches as soon as I can manage. Full Time work and Part Time college/animation is not the most optimal way to create a show. Good luck with future stuff man.

SteveRoberts responds:

I used to lurk when I was around 11 and watch all the animations with my friends! Haha. Think it's in part some of the classic animators on here who got me into animating in the first place, I always wanted to make my own cartoons after watching them here! I never really did much actual animation, just the occasional awful walk cycle here and there, I was more of a drawing person!
Theres a couple of people on my course who managed to do some freaking amazing 2D work, but yeah, it definitely wasn't focused on heavily! We had some brief projects based on traditional 2D hand-drawn animation in first year, but that was all really. We also had to focus on vfx quite a bit in 2nd year, which didn't interest me at all! Think the stuff I've learned about animation in general and project management etc will apply itself well to any 2D animation I do in the future though! 3D's quite the up and coming thing in the industry, so knowledge of it won't hurt in getting a job I don't think!
Ooh, programming, sounds tricky! Haha. Shall be cool to see your new stuff! I've gave you a
follow anyway so I can see anything new you post! Best of luck with college and any future work to you too! :)


2014-06-13 15:36:45

Hey, Glad to see you do log in, It would be really cool for you to do the eternal tales series, Glad you are in school. I would like to see some of your 3d work since your animation was allready really good. Hope to see you post more work on here.


2017-02-21 13:18:40

are you dead or what?