2014-05-20 12:20:11 by SteveRoberts

Hey guys! It's been a good 5 years since I've been an active poster on Newgrounds! In fact, the last video I posted was the animation intro to "Eternal Tale," an anime series I planned to create (and would still like to create in some form if I ever get the chance!)
A lots changed since then! I finished sixth form with good grades, and went to college for a year to do a foundation course in art, because I wasn't sure about studying at university yet. However, ended up having to apply to uni pretty soon into college anyway, so I ended up applying and being accepted to DeMontfort university to do an animation course.
My uni course took me a different way than i expected, as I was initially hoping to continue with 2D animation, yet the course predominantly focused on 3D software like autodesk maya. As a result, in the last 3 years, my style has developed, and while I still draw anime on occasion, my style has become much more cartoony and fitted to 3D adaptation. I've also done a lot of walking dead fanart... because I'm obsessed. May do a giant gallery dump of my art on here at some point too!
Anyways, my final year at uni had me focusing on what I wanted to do, and so for my final project, I decided to create an animated short; from the initial concepts all the way through to the final piece, to demonstrate my skillset. With my final project, "Greener Grass" finished, seemed like a good reason to return with some new work to post!
Anyways, sorry to bore you with that! Hopefully post some cool stuff (most likely art over animation) in the coming weeks!
You can find my newer work, including concept art for "Greener Grass," as well as more "Eternal Tale" art on my deviantart page:
And my facebook page:

So i'm gonna stop being ignorant, and finally make a post on here. ABOUT TIME!

SOOOO!! Thanks for all of the wicked reviews i've gotten on my Eternal Tale animation, as well as all of the favourites people have given me- it seems you guys are pretty interested in the idea. :) I'm currently developing the story, so i know exactly what happens from start to end. So it's not likely that there'll be an episode for quite a while yet. If i could, i'd dedicate most of my time into making the series... but it's not possible at the minute. Despite it being the holidays, i'm working 5 days a week, and when summers over, i'll be back to do my second year of A levels. Plus, on top of work, i've got reading and art coursework to complete, so most of my time is prettymuch spent, and it'll be more productive for me to draw and practice, so the art in the series'll be as good as it can.

When i was making the animation originally, it began with something completely unrelated... I was just doodling in flash, and then started to animate lil things. And then it developed when i added the music to the pretty moving images. ^_^ Because i began animating with no idea of the final piece that i wanted, it turned out pretty random. And i lost the file half way through animating when my old computer frazzled, but luckily, i managed to recover the file before i gave up on the idea of finishing it. So, hopefully in the future, animations will be much better animated and better planned.

If you're interested in seeing more of my work, you can visit my Deviantart account. I'm generally much more active over there (like, obsessively) and you can see more Eternal Tale art, as well as some... other stuff. :)

Thanks again for all of the reviews and favourites, and votes. TIS MUCH APPRECIATED!